Summer is almost over—although we’re still having scorching days here in Rome— but the Damaers are finally getting ready to go on vacation for a few days. Where I still do not know. And while I get ready to leave, I found a pearl online: a review of my novel The Parallels, book 1 of the Sehnsucht Series.

The Parallels by Keyla Damaer follows intertwining character and story arcs set against a sprawling and incredibly complex sci-fi universe. Aliens, different political and social factions, new and dangerous science, a murder mystery, betrayal, clones – this book has it all.

Normally I would write up a recap of the plot and characters – but so much happens in the first couple of chapters alone, that I don’t think I could do the full book justice in a mere summary. The plot follows three main characters: Halazar, an alien military officer, who is searching for the person who killed a fellow officer; Lanees, a human scientist; and Eleanor, who has woken up with no memories, and only has a voice in her head to trust.

The action starts from the very first page and rarely relents. You’re thrown head-first into the setting, which is sprawling and vast in its worldbuilding. There were times I felt overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information and names and characters being thrown at me, however the detail and depth of the universe is incredible and the setting was vibrant in every page.

The universe is extraordinarily grimdark, but that isn’t a bad thing. This book is perfect for people who like their protagonists morally grey and the universe brutal where bad things happen to semi-decent people, and everyone has their own agenda and motives.

The Parallels is the first in a series, and a lot is set up in the book that is no doubt sure to pay off in the subsequent installments. I recommended this for people looking for sci-fi-flavoured Game Of Thrones-esque books.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, here’s a chance to save 50% at checkout from 08/28/2021 to 08/31/2021 using the coupon BNPKEYLA50. Only at Barns and Nobles.

And here‘s the link where you can find the original post and data about the reviewer.



And now let’s move on with more sci-fi novels.

– There can be power in forgetting. –

Each day, a woman wakes up in an unfamiliar place—and an unfamiliar body. With her memory wiped, she’s left with nothing but questions, and the determination to keep herself together long enough to answer them. Being thrust into the life of someone else every day brings obstacles and she has no leads. But just when her hope is running thin, a man with answers shows up at her door.

It turns out she isn’t the only one with the power to do the impossible. And dangerous people are hunting them all. Relying on others for safety goes against her instincts, but if she wants to get her body back, remember who she is, and regain control of her life, then she has no choice.

She has a fight ahead of her. One that she can’t hope to win alone.

Featuring lively action, sweet romance, witty humor, and unusual tech, New Identity will appeal to fans of Jessica Jones and X-Men.

Get New Identity by Tenaya MKD here.


His name is Alex, and in his quest for understanding just how he got to be an android-and on the planet-sized ship known as CONSTELIS VOSS-he finds curiously familiar faces who help him color in the blanks.

As the coincidences pile up-friends, objects, scenes, motifs, and tropes-they start to form a pattern. A pattern that’s set against the backdrop of a dystopian, corrupt civilization, with a conveniently very-evil villain.

A pattern that seems, in all its madness, to be directly linked to him.

Something is pulling the strings, and figuring out the mystery is the only way to save himself, his friends, and the future of the very human race itself.

But will he be able solve the mystery without losing himself-and his friends-in the process? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all.

Welcome to Constelis Voss, the anime-inspired, psychological sci-fi trilogy nobody asked for, but everyone (probably) deserves. Snatch a copy now.



There’s review this time. I haven’t been reading much in the last two months. I’m currently beta reading a fantasy novel that promises well, but of course, I can’t say anything about it.

For those wondering how the turtles are doing, Nemo and Dory are growing, with the former getting bigger fast. He’s starting to head for the fingers when fed, but he’s still not too painful when he bites. Dory instead is shy and always scared. If we let her walk in the house, she runs for the darkest corner and stays there, probably thinking no predator can see her, which is true ’cause there are no predators here.

And for todays it’s all folks.

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