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frequently asked questions

What genre do you write?

I write grimdark science fiction.

What does being an independent author mean?

It means that I do all by myself. I do my own publishing, hire my editor(s), cover artist(s), I format the books by myself and load them on all the retailers where you can find them. For the print versions of the novels, I use Ingram Spark and Amazon Print. This means all costs are on me. However, I control all aspects of my work, something I couldn’t do if I were traditionally published. I wouldn’t have a saying about the cover, the blurb, the editing, the marketing (if any), the logo (which I created), and the prices. I couldn’t even stop the publisher from unpublishing my stories if they wanted. No, thanks.

Will there be more Sehnsucht books?

Yep. I’ve been writing this series since 2016. However, writing is not as easy as I first thought, and I’m slow.

My readers need to be patient. As of today, I plan to publish a prequel and at least four sequels.

When can we expect those books?

I don’t have release dates for them, but if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll be the first one to know.

Is there a recommended reading order of the Sehnsucht Series?

Yes. There are two ways to read my stories:


1. The Halden Army

2. The Parallels

By Order of publication

1. The Parallels

2. The Halden Army

At the time of writing this, there’s no need to follow a specific order, although I recommend the former.

Do you have any audiobooks?

Yes, I do. The Halden Army can be downloaded in audio here. You can also find my stories at a discounted price.

Who is your cover artist?

Jeffrey Kosh is the hand behind the images on my books. I sometimes provide sketches or drawings with ideas, and he works his magic on them. For instance, the image behind the paperback and the hardback cover is my design. I also provided him drawings of Halazar Meviz, the main character of The Parallels, Eleanor, and Lanees Leicester. I will provide more drawings for book two and I am planning also to add maps when necessary.

Why are there spelling mistakes in your books?

The short answer is, I’m just human, and so is my editor. The long one is, I write in British English because that’s the language I learnt in school. But if you find any typo, you can always contact me.

Are there content warnings I should be aware of when it comes to your books?

My stories contain torture scenes, murder (children aren’t exempt), swearing, and violence. Nothing is excessive

Who are your favourite authors?

As an avid reader, I’ve read all genres, finction and non-fiction. There are many authors I like, some for their voices, some for their styles, others for the worldbuilding. However, I deeply believe that J.R. R. Tolkien beats them all. I’m not only tolkieng about The Lord of The Rings but of all his books. That includes Lief By Niggle and of course my favourite of all, The Silmarillion.

I have been a member of the Tolkien Society since 2008.

When will your books be available in Kindle Unlimited?

They won’t be. Sorry. Amazon requires exclusivity (I can’t publish the e-books through the other retailers) to enroll books in Kindle Unlimited, and half my readers prefer the other e-reading platforms. I love my readers too much to do that to them.

What is the best way to find out about your new and upcoming releases?

Hands down the best way is to join my newsletter. I send bimonthly with writing updates, drawings and giveaways, photos I’ve taken recently, recommended reads, and discount book alerts. The second best way is probably Facebook.

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