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A coward is not the one who is afraid. It’s what we do about fear that makes the difference.

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Life always finds its way.

Through a web of relations and intrigue, the Manderian Directorate continues its expanding campaign. When the military fails, the secret service is always ready to serve and conquer.
And if the enemy doesn’t surrender there’s always the option to exterminate.

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Keyla Damaer is an Italian author who has enjoyed writing since she was a child. she travelled a lot, especially throughout the United States, where part of her family lives. That gave her the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the English language, which she had cherished since childhood.

She was born and raised in Rome, where she lives with her husband and her turtle. By day, she’s a part-time accountant, but by night, she’s an imagination engineer with a way with words. The Parallels is the first book of The Sehnsucht Series  and her first novel published as an independent author.

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