The new year begins. with a little delay

Welcome back to Keyla Damaer’s newsletter.

First of all, I want to apologise for last week’s mess. I activated the blog’s RSS feed too soon, and you all received an old email. This shows how little wise I am when it comes to technology. Since I found my new home here at this new web-hosting service, I’m not planning to move ever again unless their service becomes bad, but let’s be positive.

Again, remember to save my new email address (the one you’re receiving this email from) because it is unkown to your email provider.

And now, let’s get started with the monthly sale.

A technology-fueled world, a thrilling gravity-defying sport, and a ragtag team of players determined to win against all odds.
Saved from an imploding earth by a race of benevolent aliens, Nico is a plucky young sports player with a dream of making it big in their futuristic gravity ball game called Batey. But it won’t be that simple. Faced with teams of cyborgs and genetically modified human opponents, can an ordinary, ragtag group of boys hope to compete in the Batey tournament and come out on top?
As an imaginative speculative fiction story with fun themes about an ancient cultural sport re-imagined in a futuristic sci-fi world, Batey Ascending is a memorable and engaging read that’s packed with high-stakes action, drama, suspense, and so much more.
As a great way to get kids and teens alike into books and imbue them with a love of reading, this riveting tale will offer them thought-provoking new perspectives in this sports-themed Quidditch meets Alita: Battle Angel adventure.
Snatch a copy of Batey Ascending by Nico Pengin here.
Brian Baldwin wanted to design action video games… not become one!
Failed game designer Brian Baldwin has lost his career at Ronin games. He spends his days seeking temp work while stuck in a sedentary existence living off stale pizza and plugged into his game console round the clock.
But when he gets an assignment where he volunteers for an immersive Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality experiment to be programmed with Black Belt fighting skills from 47 different martial arts, he goes from a total klutz to a real-life action hero!
Brian is framed for a crime that he didn’t commit, which turns him into an international target of assassins, international spies, Triad gangsters, Military Special Forces and even the FBI who all want him more dead than alive.
What if “The Matrix” actually gave you REAL LIFE skills? Would your superhero dreams come true? Or would it be your worst nightmare?
A story about finding your purpose while trying to keep your head…literally.
With great power comes…a bullseye on your back!
Cyber Fighter is a sci-fi martial arts action adventure with a comedic kick…peppered with Monty Python-esque elements, with a dash of Douglas Adams cheekiness and Jackie Chan Kung Fu action.
You can get a copy of Cyber Fighter by William Joseph Hill here.

And for this week it’s all, falks.

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