This week, I want to offer you a story you can download at no cost by author Edita A. Petrick, Outcast, Book four of the Rim Chronichles and a special review. Read on!

Abandoned by frontier gods

She’s many things. A foundling, a princess, the last of her line, the first of the nameless order. She’s an orphan and grew up in a jungle. She’s homeless because a royal palace doesn’t fit. She’s trained to be a crack trooper, but she’s an even better friend. You could spend eternity reading a list of what she is. What she’s not, is an average human. After all, she was brought up by hundreds of mothers…and they’re all frontier gods.

Travel the invisible yet dangerous road to the Rim.


Snatch a copy of this novel here.

The Expanse TV series

I’ve watched this series twice, something I don’t always do, although the second time was in the company of my other half. Except for the last season. We binge-watched this one together this week.

What can I say? For those who read the books like me, there are plenty of differences. I wasn’t bothered by many as the laconic (look what I did here) dismissal of Laconia’s faith. We’re missing a bunch of the series’ books with Duarte’s regime. But the productions didn’t do a bad job. I mean, Game of Thrones ended much worse than this. At least, there is a sense of ending here, and they wrap up everything relevant to the TV series.

By giving more weight to Marco Inaros’s character, they dismissed Duarte with a bunch of words. They also left space for a possible continuation of the series, given that we aren’t told anything about Cara and Xan’s destinies—but those who read the books know they have a role. I actually read an article a few months back (here’s the link) that didn’t deny the possibility for more seasons of the series, and Laconia represents that possibility. I’d love to see more. What about you? Let me know in the comments.

Last but not least, here’s a bundle of free books for you.

In case you missed it on my Facebook page, I finished another one of my drawings. I present thee The Biker, soft pastel on cardboard.

Art on cardboard

This is a tecnique I’ve bee using for four years. I fell in love with it, and since spring 2018 I’ve been experimenting with it. You can find more of my (he)art at the dedicated page on my website, here.

And for this time, it’s all.

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