More books, what else?

After reading so much about Draken Kosset, here are a couple of books you may be interested in.

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A simple exploration of an unknown planet. What could go wrong?

Baldwin Tavares is called up by the Admiral Pitch to join in their expedition to the planet Allende 1-b, also known as Neighbor. Baldwin and his team were requested for their very specific skill set, as they are the best in their individual fields. Eager to be part of something bigger than himself, Baldwin, aka Win, convinces his team to go on the expedition. They aim to find some remnants left behind of the once inhabited planet Neighbor in the hopes of studying and preserving whatever knowledge about them that they find.

Win begins to realize the expedition to Allende 1-B is not entirely scientific. He suspects the Pacific Ocean World Mining Organization, or POMO, have sunk deep into the pockets of the ship’s commanding officers, with the hopes of mining Allende 1-B for its rich mineral reserves as soon as they arrive. As such he immediately starts investigating the ship to confirm his suspicions. When Win finds out he was right, he races to convince the crew against any mining expeditions before it’s too late. However, little does he know something even more pressing will require his attention before he even gets the chance to tell anyone.

Get a free copy of this Prequel to The Neighbor You Don’t Know Series by Shane Shepherd here.

Isolated on Mars, anyone could start going stir crazy…

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

Katya should be on top of the world. She’s overcome a traumatic past and now she’s part of the first permanent settlement on Mars.

So why do things feel so wrong?

The colonists are confined to a small base on the surface of a hostile planet, so perhaps it’s only cabin fever. After all, she’s got great friends, an exciting career, and an ex-girlfriend who – she’s sure – would do anything to have her back…

But with cracks appearing in the relationships between the crew and nothing but empty Martian desert beyond the safety of their domes, it’s far too easy for the mind to drift. And when it does, it can be difficult to tell what’s real, and what’s pure imagination…

Grab your copy of Past Imperfect by SI Clarke here.

If you’re looking for more free books to read during the Easter break, here’s the chance you were waiting for. Genre? Science fiction and fantasy of course.

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In case you missed it on my Facebook page, my last peace of (he)art is done. I’m thinking to entitle it ‘The Grand Tour’. Carandache and Carbothello on cardboard Pastelmat.

the grand tour

And for this time, it’s all.