May the Fourth Be With You

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Trekkie at the core, but I’ve always liked Star Wars as well because one doesn’t exclude the other. Since this is my May post, why not use this well-known Easter egg as a title? Because I love Easter eggs and my stories are filled with them. How many have you spotted? Feel free to let me know through the usual channels. And now let’s begin with this month’s surprises.

To my eternal shame, I haven’t been reading much this year, and despite enjoying this story a lot, it took me a few months to finish it. I was busy reading books for research, books I’m not interested in reviewing. and that’s why this feature has been missing in my last posts.
While I read a couple of books by Neil Gaiman before, this was the first time I read a Terry Pratchett book. Tempted by the TV series, I decided to try the book as well. Needless to say that the fun starts from page one and doesn’t stop until the last page. I knew what to expect because of the TV series, give it or take it, but it was a funny experience nonetheless. And of course, the book is always better than the movie/TV series.
I won’t be telling you more than this. If you haven’t seen the show and don’t know the story I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you already know the story you’ll still gonna love it, if you like to be humoured.

When Miranda learns her mother was right, Earth will fall into a black hole of their own making; she must find the strength to save her family.

A black hole is coming for Earth, but that is only the beginning of Miranda’s problems.

She thought life in the Trash Lands was bad, scraping for food and water, wishing she could blend into the sea of ash. But when she learns her mother was right, Earth will get sucked into a black hole, Miranda must trust in skills she never knew she had to get to a place she refused to believe existed. When she finds an idyllic new world, to Miranda’s surprise, she cannot turn her back on the suffering on Earth, but will she risk it all to save a doomed world?

Without A World, the first book in the Kirasu Rising series, delivers non-stop, action-packed adventure as we race alongside a strong female protagonist through space and alternate dimensions. If you like young adult, metaphysical, action-adventure you will love this series.

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Failure is not an option!

Bartholomew Roberts is retiring, leaving his son in command of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. It is his first command, and it may be his last. The Alliance will do everything in their power to ensure that he fails.
Failure in the Alliance is not tolerated. If Doc Roberts is lucky, they will hang him. If not, he will be sent to a reeducation center, mind-wiped, and a control collar will be placed around his neck, then he will be paraded in the streets of Avalon’s capital city, as an example of what happens to people who fail in their missions.
He can’t afford to fail!

And for this time, it’s all.