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ambassador series red crystal desert

My mentor and friend, Jeffrey Kosh, used to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to read the same way as I used to once I became an author. He was fooking right, as Jonti Brookes would put it, because each revolution around the sun makes me more demanding, in regards to fiction books.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I read the entire Expanse series last year and loved it. After that, I read other stories, but most of them left nothing behind. Last winter, I even dropped a bunch of books after a few pages.

So, if I take the time to review a book these days, it’s because I really enjoyed it.

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I’ve been reading the Ambassador Series by Patty Jansen. Every book has been a great surprise, but book 9 is definitely my favourite. Red Crystal Desert takes place on Asto, the main planet of the Coldi people. Cori Wilson and his very pregnant wife are visiting for Cori’s official induction in the Domiri clan. It should be an easy trip, but nothing is easy when Cory is involved. And since he underwent his DNA modified to be genetically compatible with having children with his Coldi wife Cori is changed and he seems to be the only one not to realise that. And this is what I want to talk about here. The main character change throughout all the previous books. From dandy human ambassador to respected member of the Domiri clan on Asto. If you haven’t read the books, these are just words, but the change is impressing. Book after book, Cori changes to become the new being he is in this incredible story. I expected something to happen by the end and feared that moment. I feared it more than Cori did because sometimes he’s as blind as we can be when we don’t want to see the truth life puts right in front of our eyes. And I was utterly surprised when it happened. So kudos to Patty Jansen for this pearl.

And now back to reading book 10 and fearing the moment the series is over. What am I gonna read next?

Below, you can find two lists of fantastic sci-fi and fantasy books. Autumn is here, and we need more books to read.

                                Click the images.

This is what happened as a result of the Bookgush Oktober: a reader in Portugal received something from me.

Until next time.

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