Run! The Manderian Halden is here

After years of procrastination and tribolations, Tales From The Sehnsucht Series Part one is here, available at your farourite retailer.

War, deceit, and love intertwine in the first six Tales From The Sehnsucht Series.

Within this anthology, you’ll find six tales of love and hate, loyalty and treason, failure and triumph from alien soldiers, desperate teachers, strange bedfellows, and more. And in the background a war of all against all. Who will survive?

Open this collection and take your first steps into the history of the Manderian people. Meet Ameela’s improbable lover. Escape from tyranny with Rotima. Find the man who tempered with Ryma’s DNA.



Read more about Ameela in this interview: The Protagonist Speaks.

An now, a series of fantastic sci-fi adventure for your pleasure.

She is a mutation. She is an abomination. She is a power that could change the universe – or end it. And she is only seven years old.

It’s been 250 years since we discovered the vast web of wormholes, created by an alien race, linking a series of planets. Worlds where, with a little genetic tinkering, humans could thrive. No one thought about side effects until it was too late. Now laws prevent further tampering—but not everyone follows the law. The Protectorate used their military might to enforce these laws.

For Veena, a military cipher decoder, these wars are more than her job – they’re the centre of her existence. She knows a secret: the alien race that created the wormholes may not be gone, and pose a threat.

And even worse, she knows that her own daughter is one of “the enemy”. Born with telekinetic powers, seven-year-old Molly is a mutant who must hide her true nature, or face extermination.

But when an accident reveals her child’s powers, Veena’s worst nightmare comes true. The military snatches Molly—to turn her into a weapon, and use her power to change the face of the galaxy… or destroy it.

Now, Veena is on the run, trying to save her child. Nowhere to hide, no one to trust. She can’t give up. The universe is on the brink of destruction, and it is up to her to stop it all from escalating and falling into the madness of a Fractured Orbit.


Snatch a copy of Fractured Orbits by Jeanette Bedard at your favourite retailer.

Seg Holton yearns to leave his isolated farming dome and travel the ravaged Earth, or even to Mars Colony. Only a few things stand in his way: an authoritarian government, deadly storms, and an enchanting outsider who may be the most dangerous of all.

Fast-forward 500 years. Civilization has nearly wiped itself out of existence, and is on the long, slow road to recovery, held together by an agreement called the Pact between cities, agricultural domes, and a new global government.

Seg is a farmer in Holtondome. Like his ancestors, he’s chosen a life of ignorance about technology and the outside world in favor of a simple existence, free of the corruption that almost destroyed the human race.

His world turns upside down when Fi arrives. Tall, exotic, and far too wise for her age, she challenges everything he’s been taught to believe, making him question for the first time if a simple life is right for him or, indeed, for the rest of humanity.

But Fi has secrets darker than her black-ringed eyes — bigger than the Pact — that have implications far beyond Seg and the residents of Holtondome.

Download your copy of Holtondome by Ryan Southwick here.

Zack and Zuri are set to embark on the Pegasus for New Eden, an unknown and unexplored planet four light years from Earth. For Zack, four light years isn’t nearly far enough from the madness that has been mankind’s history. For Zuri, it is a chance to have the family she has so long desired. Pegasus is humanity’s greatest invention, a modern day Noah’s Ark, set to spread civilization to the stars. But Pegasus has secrets which some will do anything to possess, and Zack and Zuri have yet to discover. A journey to New Eden is an emotional rollercoaster that will take the pair to the depths of despair, launch them beyond heavenly delights, and into the heart and soul of humanity.

Pegasus, the first starship, will take the best that the world has to offer and transplant it on another world. Readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as the only two people to escape the escalating madness must wrestle control of the ship from its Artificial Intelligence and restore faith in human dignity. In this work, readers see a future that is just around the corner. Beware, technology advances faster than our knowledge of what to do with it.

Get your copy of Pegasus: A Journey to New Eden by James L. Hill here.

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